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At A Glance

Dragonfly Prototype Performance:


177 hp
  Max Speed 235 mph
  Cruising 167 mph
  Climb Rate 5,500 feet/ minute
  Range 575 miles
  Endurance 3.0 hours
  Max Payload

450 lbs


Dragonfly Vehicle Specifications

Type-Single Engine Unmanned / Manned / Remote Operable Vehicle

Trek Aerospace's Dragonfly™ UMR-1 is based on the research done with DARPA and NASA on the Springtail™ EFV. This vehicle was initially designed as an unmanned utility cargo vehicle with over forty-one cubic feet of capacity, however it is equally capable of manned or remote operation. Dragonfly contains the same advanced fly-by-wire, stability augmentation and control systems that have been developed on Springtail. The powered-lift VTOL configuration makes this vehicle extremely maneuverable and agile.

Dragonfly Unmanned/Manned/Remote Vehicle (UMR-1)

In 2004, we began development of our horizontally configured cargo-carrying vehicle, known as Dragonfly. Dragonfly's ability to quickly change its flight options from remote, to unmanned, or manned result in a well rounded vehicle with unlimited potential. With the ability to transport a sizable payload, utilizing a minimal takeoff space, the Dragonfly is definitely a major contender in the VTOL and PAV markets.


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Dragonfly Applications

Since Dragonfly UMR-1 can be operated as an Unmanned, Manned or Remote Operable vehicle, the application and mission possibilities expand greatly. Conventional as well as unconventional uses abound.

From Military to Civilian uses the following pages cover just a few of the possibilities.

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