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Trek Aerospace provides the best solution for creating maximum lift in limited space,

enabling everything from personal flight to heavy lifting drones.

More payload and performance.

Our core technology has the highest thrust to hp/kw in the industry. Allowing you to carry  a  lot  of  weight  in  a  small footprint, Trek’s shrouded props will require far less power, meaning fewer batteries,  further range, greater payload  capacity, and  longer  loiter times.

Quiet, ducted design.

Our shrouded ducts are designed with safety in mind.  Perfect for manoeuvring in tight spaces or rooms. A Trek shrouded prop produces at least 40% more static thrust than a free prop of the same diameter, and they're 50% quieter than the non-shrouded alternatives.

Save time and money.

We've done the design and testing so you can get a head start on development!
Our team will work with you to implement this proven technology into your design, whether it's a drone, personal air vehicle, or combination!


Utilize our proven ducted fan technology and bring your dream of flight to life.


The management and key personnel behind our technology.


Proof of concepts and proven technology help take the guesswork out of your next project.


Contact us today and discover how we can help you develop your next personal air vehicle, drone, or hovercraft!


Personal Air Vehicles

Dreaming of flying to work without the traffic? Our thrust to weight ratio and counter rotating blade  makes this vehicle easier to fly than most powered helicopters!

SMALL UAVs and Drones

Twin shrouded-prop, electric, VTOL UAVs.  This mini-UAV was designed for up to 6.5 pounds of payload and had a carrying compartment! What can we do for you?

Ducted Fans

 Trek’s proprietary CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software program, TASPA™ (Trek Aerospace Shrouded Propeller Analysis), to design optimal shrouded propeller modules.

Suzi Worley

Marketing  Consultant
Suzi is a marketing and social media consultant who has been connecting people and products through technology for more than two decades.
Suzi has collaborated with various non-profit and for-profit organizations to strengthen the awareness of their brand through images.

Rob Bulaga

President, Chief Engineer
Rob has a M.S. degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.  and specializes in systems engineering, structural design, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, performance analysis, component testing, and flight-testing.
Rob has been an active pilot for over 30 years, using his commercial pilot's license for glider and banner towing, flight instruction, aerobatics, and air show performances.

Tim Worley

Vice President
Tim is a  United States Air Force veteran, and has worked in the, Semi-conductor industry, Aerospace, and Oil exploration (Guidance and Telemetry Systems).
Over his 25 year career, Tim has been a USAF fighter aircraft technician, DARPA exoskeleton team member, Autonomous helicopter team member. flight instrument certification team member, MEMS sensor integrator and Senior test engineer for oil field guidance sensors.

Trek Aerospace, Inc.

Worldwide Leader in Shrouded Prop Technology

Trek Aero


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Trek Aerospace is the industry leader in shrouded propeller (“ducted fan”) technology.

Contact us today and discover how we can help you develop your next personal air vehicle, drone, or hovercraft!
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